Greetings. If you’re a baby boomer I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that advances in technology and medicine will allow baby boomers to live well into their 80’s, 90’s, and older. The bad news is that most will do so while suffering from disability, disease or depression. Maybe all three! Will you be one of them?


My name is Phil Faris I am an business consultant, optimal health coach, author of Take Command of Your Health, Strategies and Tips for Anti-Aging and Optimal Health and co-author of Upping the Down Side.

I’m inviting you to join me on a journey of a lifetime. Whose lifetime you may ask?  My lifetime . . .and yours, if you choose to come along.
Where are we going? To 102 and beyond. That’s 102 years old.  I’ve decided to chart a path that will help me and those who join me to live 40 more years.   But not just any forty years.  I want them to be healthy years and full of life, love, happiness, activity, abundance and purpose.

Why would I want to live so long?  One, because it’s possible!  Secondly, if I don’t have a plan to be healthy and happy, I might live the next forty years suffering from disease,
disability, and depression. I realized that I have a choice.  It’s like the line in the movie “The Natural” where Glenn Close says, “We all have two lives, one to learn with and the other to live.”  After 60+ years, I’m still learning, but I wanted to start living the life I’ve dreamed of. How about you?

When I started my journey, I realized that there was a lot I didn’t know about my own body, my health and my health care options.  So I decided to change that.  I decided to learn what I needed to know that would help me achieve my health goals as well as my life

The purpose of this site is to share with you what I’ve learned.  My goal is to cut a path that will make it easier for you to follow.  I hope you enjoy your trip.



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