Acid Reflux Causes – Know Them To Prevent Experiencing Acid Reflux

There are many possible acid reflux causes that you need to become more familiar with, so that you will be able to prevent it from affecting you. It is important that you know these causes, since that can help you follow certain actions that would either curacid refluxe or prevent it. Thus, it is best to discuss the major causes of it, so that you will be able to know what you need to do, in order not to experience the annoying and painful symptoms of acid reflux.

One of the major causes of acid reflux is a poor diet. Acid reflux actually happens during digestion; in other words, you can experience it after eating your meal. It happens when your stomach secretes too much acid, which can cause it to push its food content back to your esophagus and even to your mouth. Thus, it is easy to conclude the eating spicy types of foods can cause it.

Spicy foods are actually acidic in the first place; thus, when you eat them, their acidity can cause lots of pressure to your stomach when it combines with the stomach acid. This can cause heightened levels of acid in your stomach, which will eventually lead to acid reflux. Aside from spicy foods, chocolates, fried foods, fatty foods, and those loaded with peppers can also cause the said condition to happen.

Still in the same line as diet, if you eat too much food that could also lead to acid reflux. This is because eating too much in one sitting can put too much pressure on your stomach. Due to the fact that your stomach will try to process lots of foods, it will produce lots of gastric acid and that could be the start of experiencing acid reflux. When that happens, it could soon lead to your stomach pushing back all its content back to your esophagus, which will make you feel that burning sensation in your chest.

It is best to take note that having a poor eating habit can cause acid reflux, since being overweight has the same effect. When you have gained too much weight, it will actually put more pressure to your stomach and esophagus. This does not lead to the secretion of too much acid in your tummy, but the pressure can actually open up the lower esophageal sphincter, which is also called the esophagus valve that will pave the way for the gastric acids to flow back into the esophagus.

Other acid reflux causes that you need to take note of would include the use of alcohol, lying down after eating, drinking milk while being too full, smoking, and the lack of rest. Now that you know the factors that can increase the chances of experiencing acid reflux, you should be able to avoid it effectively from now on.

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